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Short Collections

Beyond the Sea - Stories from the Algarve, Montanha Books, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-9559856-2-1

‘Lisa Selvidge has brilliantly captured the essence of life in the Algarve, delving beneath the charming white-washed exterior to express a darker side to life in the sun for locals, ex-pats and tourist. Beyond the Sea is a bitter-sweet portrayal of on-goings that are not only fascinating, but unsettlingly realistic – like peeking through the neighbour’s window. I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ Carrie-Marie Bratley, The Portugal News

‘It's hard to get short stories just right. Lisa Selvidge unfurls her collection with a clear insight into the Algarve’s loosely woven workings with a worryingly perceptive grasp of the human condition - just right!’  Paul Rees, get real weekly

‘A delicious kaleidoscopic view of the sun-soaked polyglot Algarve.’ Natasha Donn, Algarve 123

Copies are available at The Owl Story Bookshop in Lagos, the Hotel Garbe in Armação de Pera, Lura dos Livros in Tavira, The Griffin Bookshop, Almancil, The Book Cellar, Carvoeiro and at the library in Monchique.

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Click here to read an interview with Lisa Selvidge published in the Algarve 123 in English, German and Portuguese

Translations of Beyond the Sea:

Zwischen Himmel und Meer  – Geschichten aus der Algarve, Montanha Books, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-9559856-3-8

,Dieses Buch hätte ich gerne vor meinem ersten Urlaub in der Algarve gelesen. Lisa Selvidge öffnet Touristenaugen für  das Lebensgefühl unterschiedlicher Menschen der Region, Alteingesessene und Aussteiger, jeder auf seine Weise von der ursprünglichen Landschaft geprägt. Die Geschichten fesseln, informieren und lösen das Bedürfnis aus, das Flugticket für den nächsten Besuch in der Algarve zu buchen. Nicht nur in Erwartung leckerer Fischgerichte, traumhafter Strände und fantastischer Golfplätze – sondern voller Neugier.' Bernd Meier, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig

,Dieses packende Potpourri von lose miteinander verbundenen Charakteren und Geschichten lässt für den Kenner der Algarve Erinnerungen wach werden, Unkundige erliegen der Faszination dieser Region.' Barbara Fellgiebel, Assoziation der Literatur- und Filmfreunde der Algarve

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Para Lá do Mar - Histórias do Algarve, Montanha Books, 2011, ISBN: 978-0-9559856-4-5

“Uma visão caleidoscópica deliciosa de um Algarve poliglota banhado pelo sol.” Natasha Donn, Algarve 123

“Visitantes, estrangeiros, soprados até aqui pela morna brisa Algarvia; histórias que se misturam com lugares e tabernas, hippies e amantes, bêbados e oportunistas, expostos ao calor do sol. Lisa Selvidge com a sua perspicácia no auge.” Paul Rees, get real weekly

“Esta intriga de histórias soltas, que faz lembrar uma manta de retalhos, com personagens e histórias interligadas, tornam o Algarve reconhecível para quem o conhece bem e tornam-no fascinante para quem nunca lá esteve.” Barbara Fellgiebel, Associação dos Amigos da Literatura e Filme do Algarve.

Kindle edition 3.97

Summer Times in the Algarve, Montanha Books, 2008, ISBN: 978-0-9559856-0-7

'Like the joy of discovering lost snapshots, this collection gives treasured glimpses into both the richness and simplicity of Algarve life, past and present.' Virginia Boston

 'Whether you are living here, or just visiting, this book will open a window onto life in the Algarve beyond the golf courses and beaches.' John Colloff

The Algarve is the source of inspiration for this exciting new collection of short stories, memoirs and poetry. Seventeen contemporary writers both recollect and recreate the lives of people along the Algarve coast from Tavira to Sagres and up into the mountains. They take us on a journey back in time to the Moors, through the Revolution of April 1974, and into the twenty-first century. Some mourn the vanishing years of the simple pastoral life, impoverished though it was, some celebrate it. Others on short visits have been enchanted or amused by an event with one of its inhabitants and, somehow, when they left, a bit of their heart has stayed behind. All of them are united by their fondness of Portugal and its serene and laid-back southern province.

A perfect holiday read when in the Algarve or as a present to take home.

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Contemporary novels

The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall, Montanha Books, 2009, ISBN 978-0-9559856-1-4

 In 1984, Johnny East, a dancer, is invited to Berlin by mad Alice, an English girl living a bohemian life in the city at the heart of the Cold War. Alice is besotted with Johnny, but on a trip to the East one day, Johnny meets and falls in love with a Russian aerialist in East Berlin. They begin an affair that leaves a trail of East-West transits, both legal and illegal, including one of the most daring crossings of the Berlin Wall.

Twenty years on Johnny is the director of an aerial company and with an exciting new performance returns to Berlin, a new vibrant city, to face the ghosts of the past. The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall is a story of young love, decadence and tragedy in the walled-in city of West Berlin.

‘An utterly compelling story which draws the reader into the fractured world of eighties Berlin, where life is fast paced, subversive, at times beautiful, but also tragic. Lisa Selvidge's writing is as eloquent and supple as the aerialiste at the heart of the book. This novel is a spellbinding tale of individual consequences spinning out from a striking political divide.’ Sarah Law, Poet, Lecturer, London Metropolitan University

‘The avant garde, all night culture of West Berlin in the 1980s exists now only in the precarious memories of its punk rock survivors. Lisa Selvidge’s novel allows those who were not there a glimpse of this extraordinary historic and cultural moment. Her characters are richly drawn, wholly convincing, and emblematic of that time and place.’ Cid Pearlman, Choreographer, West Berlin resident 1984-1986

Here is a short piece published in the Guardian Weekly about the writing of the novel, The Last Dance over the Berlin Wall.

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(This novel was previously published with but the contract has been cancelled. For more information about publishing please click Here)

The Strange Tale of Comrade Rublov (To be published in 2011)

It is 1991 and the two main ideologies of the twentieth century are about to collide in Russia. Meanwhile, Volodia, an unusually large cockroach smeared with cream and bits of blackened cucumber, is being chased by Anya into apartment 503 on the fifth floor of a prefabricated concrete apartment block that sways in the wind above Moscow. They decide to settle there. Not all the inhabitants are pleased by their arrival. Life in Moscow is becoming increasingly difficult as shortages are causing hunger and misery. One night the humans attempt to murder the cockroaches, declaring that they have shared their life with vermin for too long. Volodia survives and, as he escapes the apartment, he vows to avenge the massacre of his family. He joins up with revolutionaries (aka Ants) in the station but they are not quite what they seem so he boards the Trans-Siberian in search of a better world. Instead, he falls into the underworld of the Far East and meets characters who will be instrumental in bringing political changes and the new mafia to Russia.                                               

An earlier extract is published in Fishtank under the title 'The Hammer, Sickle & Sun', 1996.

'Lisa Selvidge comes up with more than just exoticism in her story about a cockroach freezing on a train rolling through Siberia.' Michele Roberts

‘How better to look at Russia after the fall of Communism than through the eye of an indestructible insect? A wonderful cross between Kafka and Gogol. Witty, ironic and thought-provoking.’ Bob Biderman

An extract from this novel is also published on

Children's & Young Adult Fiction

The Trials of Tricia Blake, Lulu, 2006, ISBN 1-4116-7917-2

A gritty tale of love, hate, and murder, set in 1979 following the winter of discontent in Britain when kids sang about bricks in walls and hated Mondays. Tricia Blake, age 14, commits a terrible crime.

´Pony club scene meets hardcore urban novel. Tricia Blake does a wicked thing. But who can blame her? A compelling story of revenge - Tricia Blake deserves to be read and forgiven.' Carrie Worrall

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A Divine War, Lulu, 2007, ISBN 978-1-4303-2075-3

 The world is suffering from a severe drought. After no rain anywhere on earth for more than six months, the forests and oil fields are burning. The nations blame each other for global warming; some call it Freak Weather Syndrome, others God's revenge. In the UK, the Conservative MP, David Geayton, is made Minister of Drought while his daughter, Lucy, tries to survive the increasing horror of life in the Philippines. In Moscow, Liudmila is part of an enviromental organisation that is planning a 'Save the Planet' conference, and in San Francisco, Charlotte Brand is reporting on the corruption of the governors and Government of the USA. No one knows they are suffering the effects of a divine unrequited love until the gods are made to come to earth to hold an election. But how to get people on earth, from where they've been absent for so many millenniums, to believe in them?

A humorous and irreverent tale - with tragic consequences.

'Exploring the question of what mankind really believes in and how we might respond to a divine presence, the story is truly insightful in its comment on the human condition and our species’ relationship with beings beyond the norm. I’d rate this book alongside 'The Celestine Prophecy' in its ability to raise our awareness out of fear and convention towards higher truths and alternative realities . . . all in what is basically a fun tale. Where 'A Divine War' scores over 'The Celestine Prophecy' is in its quality of written English.' Keith Beaseley

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Dina & Doctor Dot (work in progress)

A contemporary children’s fantasy, Dina & Doctor Dot is an adventure in cyberspace: a world into which young people mysteriously disappear after playing an infected computer game.


Writing Fiction Workbook, Lulu, 2006, ISBN 978-1-84728-250-7

This concise and practical writing fiction workbook, based on an online course in prose fiction written for Continuing Education at the University of East Anglia, can serve as both a coursebook and a workbook. As well as many exercises and tips for beginning writers, the book leads you on a journey through writing. At the end of which, you will, hopefully, have written a short story – and much much more.

This workbook provided me with all the necessary tools to start, shape and finish my first short story. User-friendly, practical and stimulating it is a vital asset for those who are starting to write.’ Evangelia Avloniti

‘This is a really comprehensive introduction to the art and craft of writing fiction. The workbook takes the reader from sources of inspiration to polishing the final draft and through every tricky stage between. The appendices are a treasure-trove of useful resources. Crispin Wickenden

‘Straightaway the workbook gets you thinking creatively. By the time you reach the last page, your approach to creative writing will definitely have changed - probably for ever and certainly for the better.’ Patrick Barrett

‘A clear and concise workbook with challenging exercises that inspire new ways of thinking about writing.’ Robert Perks

If you are serious about writing and want to look at your own work in a critical light, explore the writing process and generate new writing, this workbook is a useful tool for beginning and improving writers alike. Full of ideas, useful suggestions and ways of fine tuning any pieces you've already written, it offers a framework to support your development as a writer. Claire Hughes

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